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Floresta is an interactive visual narrative designed to inspire users to develop better sleeping habits through a fun and educational and fun approach. This project was created for the Vesalius Trust-a-thon.

Client: Vesalius Trust

Team: Linda Ding, Jessica Feng, Xinyi Li, Livia Nguyen, Viola Yu & Amy Zhu

Project Role: Script writing, 2D/3D asset production, set design

Medium: Interactive webpage

Primary Audience: High school students

Software: Figma, Blender, Illustrator

Project Conception & Collaboration

Our team collaborated through Miro for all stages of the project's development from ideation, research, and storyboarding to production and testing.

6-cess wip.jpg
6-cess wip2.jpg

Asset Production

All 3D assets were sculpted based on conceptual sketches, assembled into a scene, and rendered in Blender.

wake panel 1 v2.png
light meadows.png
sleep spindle v2.png


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